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How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk

Is this Workshop for me?

This workshop is for single / divorced individuals. If you are married, or in a committed relationship, you might enjoy "the Love for Life" workshop instead.

How many of us have prepared for the realities of marriage?

Have you ever dated the love of your life only to find out you were really involved with a Jerk or Jerkette? You aren’t alone. Too many of us fall into the trap of falling in love with someone we were sure we knew only to find out we only knew about them; couldn’t rely on them. Thousands of people marry their “dream,” only to be trapped in a nightmare.
Avoid the Jerk or Jerkette and find the “One” that is right for you.


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How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk

helps break destructive dating patterns that hinder us from finding the love we deserve. Instead of heartbreak, this can be the beginning of life-long, love adventure

The “Jerk” workshop format is fun, interactive and instructional for everyone. It will fill in the gaps you’ll need to forge strong bonds as you prepare for your own healthy marriage. It solves the problems of dating and selecting a life partner. Years of research on marital and premarital happiness have led to a program of practical, easy to implement solutions. It’s a multi-generational experience, with everyone learning together. As one middle-aged woman, divorced five times, told a teenage participant, “I’m going to get it right before the next time I date. I’m getting to old to keep making the same mistakes over and over.”

The Four Week Workshop develops skills to resolve the most common dating issues:

  • What are the right questions to inspire meaningful, revealing conversations?
  • Can we judge character before we are hurt?
  • How can I identify and resolve my own baggage?
  • What Tools would be helpful for evaluating an on-going relationship?
  • How do I strengthen the bonding forces that create closeness and safety?
  • What is compatibility and how can I develop a life-long relationship?

Ed and Mary Beth Koplin are certified instructors

who are nationally recognized marriage coaches for 18-years. The success of their programs was reported nationally by USA Today (link to the USA Today Article). They have helped hundreds develop healthy pre-marital skills, resolve issues, overcome conflict, return from separation and even re-marry their original partner after divorce.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the next “Jerk” workshop.